Thursday, April 15, 2004

In contrast to all the crap the Bush people are giving the 09/11 commission:

Bill Clinton, 09/11

A formal statement
issued by the commission Thursday said the panel "found [...F]ormer [P]resident [Clinton] forthcoming and responsive to its questions. We appreciate the excellent cooperation he and his associates have given to us."

With characteristic enthusiasm, Clinton stayed an hour longer than planned and sometimes answered questions that had not been asked, commissioners reported. He even took time off from finishing his memoirs to study and prepare for his testimony, reviewing relevant documents and discussing the issues with former aides, one longtime associate said.
--Yahoo News

An hour longer than necessary? Didn't Bush originally want his meeting to be limited to an hour?

More interesting stuff:

The 9/11 commission met in private with former Vice President Al Gore. In a statement after the three-hour session, the commission said he was "candid and forthcoming," and it thanked him for his "continued cooperation."

Bill Clinton and Al Gore have always conducted themselves with integrity regarding 09/11, because they are men of integrity. Remember when George W. Bush was at a bunker in Nebraska, and Clinton flew from Australia and still beat him back to New York?


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