Thursday, April 15, 2004

In the latest issue of Newsweek, Howard Fineman asks: Is Bush's base beginning to crumble? He notes that Bush's base is getting restive

1.) Because of his stance on immigration (putting corporate interests first),

2.) Spending (putting corporate interests first), faith-based initiatives (good talk but no money, largely because he has been putting corporate interests first even before the bible-thumpers),

3.)troops in Iraq (putting political interests first: he should either put more troops there, or none at all), and

4.) the draft: (no amount of appearances on MTV and insistence that the GOP is hip could make up for the damage that a draft would do to the GOP's youth vote, and young people are already starting to worry).

Seems that Bush is pretty good at this:

First George Bush lost control of himself,

Then he lost control of his car,

He lost control of his businesses,

When he became President, he lost control of the economy,

He lost control of his daughters

He lost control of terror,

He lost control of Afghanistan

He's lost control of Iraq

Now he's losing control of his party.

In a few months, he's going to lose control of the country.


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