Thursday, April 15, 2004

One of the main objections to the US-led invasion of Iraq is that it is morally unacceptable to invade a country and impose a foreign form of government upon it (as the US is trying to do in Iraq). Many have likened the US actions to a crusade.

That allegation is most often made in the Muslim world, but some people welcome the term...

Over the past year, Campus Crusade for Christ has been actively reaching out in Iraq. Just days after the war ended, our personnel arranged for Bibles and other evangelistic literature to be printed inside Iraq—a development that would have been unthinkable under the reign of Saddam Hussein.

So let me get this straight.: first we invade the Iraqis, then we attempt to convert them to our religion? Not only does this seem extremely arrogant, but it is almost certainly likely to increase hostilities in Iraq and the perception in the Arabic/Muslim world that the US is actually engaged in a crusade in every sense of the term. Hell, these people are evening calling it a crusade...but that's here's the kicker:

However, the reason I'm writing today is that these doors may close very soon. The coalition plans to hand over control of the government of Iraq by July 1st of this year. After that point, we do not know if the printing and distribution of Bibles and other literature can continue—meaning that now is a critical time to get as many Bibles into Iraq as possible....

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to reach out in Iraq and other spiritually closed nations while the doors are still open. As I said, quick action is vital as the coalition plans to turn over control of the Iraqi government by July 1st and this printing and distribution may no longer be possible in Iraq after that point.

Translation: we need to convert these infidels to our religion while our government still has complete control over them. There's more:

In addition, now is the time to reach out to other closed nations close to Iraq. I wish I could mention the names of these countries (I cannot for security reasons)...

Can you say crusade?

Apparently, there are several organizations currently involved in this scheme:

This one has the domain name!

Horizon International

"The majority of Iraqi people are very open to reading the Bible and hearing about Jesus Christ ..." Worldhelp


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