Monday, April 26, 2004

Robert B. Reich offers this chilling look into a future where Bush is re-elected. Just a tidbit:

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will surely step down from the Supreme Court, possibly joined by at least one other jurist, opening the way for the White House to nominate a series of right-wing justices, a list that could easily include Charles Pickering Sr. and William Pryor Jr. After Chief Justice William Rehnquist resigns, Bush may well nominate Antonin Scalia for the top slot -- opening the way for Scalia and Clarence Thomas to dominate the Court. Such a court will curtail abortion rights, whittle down the Fourth and Fifth amendments, end all affirmative action, and eliminate much of what's left of the barrier between church and state.

People justifiably want to see Bush defeated in November because of the many horrific things he's done. But the real reason to defeat our moron-in-chief is to prevent him from getting a second term. If we fail, all the damage he's wrought on the world and our American democracy will be just a warm-up for the horrors to come.


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