Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bush: Taking responsibility for oil prices

"The administration should be working to get our friends in OPEC to increase their oil production," Bush said Wednesday. "That's what diplomacy is all about. It's called earning capital in the foreign arena."
When asked about this apparent mistake, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan only expanded Bush's criticism. "But the governor's point is that we need a president to convince OPEC to open up their spigots and we need to reduce dependency on foreign crude," McClellan said. "Again, Al Gore is doing everything he can to mask his administration's failed leadership on this issue. He takes credit for the current economic prosperity, but refuses to shoulder any responsibility."

Bush and Big Oil June 23, 2000 Friday

Of course, if oil prices are higher after four years of Bush as President then they were before, then he will shoulder the responsibility, right Scott?


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