Tuesday, May 18, 2004

John, got a great ad idea for you

Cut to image of Bush

"Pat Williams works right here for the Timken Company. She's a single mom. She's got the toughest job in America, being a single mom. (Laughter and applause.) She's got two children: Sheree is in college; Danielle is in high school. Under the plan I've just described and submitted to the United States Congress, her yearly tax bill would fall by nearly $1,000 – every year. (Applause.) It's not $1,000 just this year. It's $1,000 every year. It's a thousand more dollars of her own money in her pocket."

Freeze image in black and white

Actually, it was just $1,000. A year after President Bush visited the Timken factory in Canton, Ohio, it shut down, costing Ohio's economy another 1,300 jobs (swing state variation).

President Bush keeps saying his economic policies are working, but is America?

Accountability is on the ballot this November.


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