Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Have you ever heard about a President holding re-election fundraisers outside the country, where a former President campaigns for him? Can you imagine the Republican response if Bill Clinton held a fundraiser for Kerry, say in Toronto? Well, I find this a bit strange....

Anti-war protesters wore black hoods and chanted "Bush go home" outside a hotel where former President George Bush was attending a fund-raising dinner Tuesday for his son's re-election campaign.

About 200 demonstrators from the Stop the War Coalition action group took part in the protest at the Landmark Hotel in central London, which was heavily guarded by police.

Protesters chanted "Resist, resist, Daddy Bush is a terrorist" and held signs with slogans such as "End the torture" and "Iraq for Iraqis," as rush-hour commuters converged on nearby Marylebone subway station.

First of all, the actions of the protesters are to be commended, but I find it odd that the general tone of the article doesn't question the fact at all how London came to be a venue for the Bush campaign fundraising machine.


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