Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Transfer, schmansfer

It hit me recently that the "transfer of sovereign power" from the U.S. to Iraqis which is to occur at the end of June will change exactly... nothing. Except possibly to make things worse. Think about it: What will be different? Iraqi isn't really being "governed" -- things are mostly chaos. The U.S. doesn't really have any "control" to hand over. No change there. American troop strength won't diminish at all; the Pentagon might even increase it a little. So that won't change.

My prediction: The transfer of power will make Iraqis more resentful of the U.S. The prevailing sentiment will be: "So you're letting us govern ourselves now -- why are you still here? Why are your troops still patroling the streets? Why do we still have to do what you tell us to do?" The U.S. military will go from being a quasi-legitimate occupying army to being an illegitimate occupying army.


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