Saturday, May 15, 2004

Wrong in so many ways

Speaking of the veep sweepstakes, I fail to understand why so many Democrats are beating the drum for John McCain to be Kerry's running mate.

Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist who once worked for Mr. Kerry, said such a ticket "would be the political equivalent of the Yankees signing A-Rod," referring to Alex Rodriguez, the team's star third baseman.

Mr. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee, "continues to be interested in" Mr. McCain, a fellow Vietnam veteran whom Kerry aides describe as the candidate's best friend in the Senate, as a running mate, said one longtime Democratic official who works for the Kerry campaign.
Now, I admire McCain as a principled guy. He's more willing than the average senator to stand up for what he believes in, and he's willing to go against his party in doing it.

The problem is that too many of his principles are... conservative! News flash: The guy is a Republican. He's a Republican, even though he may admirably support a few liberal issues now and again. The problem with the Democratic party is that it has drifted too far to the right -- and we're going to fix that with a Republican vice-president? Just the fact that the Kerry campaign is even considering McCain makes me uneasy. Not because they might actually choose McCain (thankfully, he's stated repeatedly that he won't do it), but because of what it says about the Kerry campaign's thinking. It says that they believe the way to win in November is to shift even further to the right.

And another thing: Even if Kerry offered and McCain accepted the job, McCain would not be the silver bullet people believe. Too many people (like yours truly) would be upset about it. Left-wing voters might be dissuaded from coming to the polls. Bush could hammer Kerry with the hypocracy thing. "Kerry believes in Republican values so much he picked a Republican running mate. Vote for Bush, the REAL Republican!"

Now, Colin Powell might be a silver bullet. (It's still not too late to switch parties, Colin!) But McCain? No.


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