Monday, July 05, 2004

And thus it comes back to bite Kerry in the ass

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. I said how stupid it was for John Kerry to want John McCain as his running mate. It was dumb at the time for a lot of reasons, and now the Bushies are using it against Kerry:

President Bush's campaign strategists say they are planning to attack Senator John Kerry's running mate as a second choice no matter who it turns out to be and are preparing a commercial asserting that Mr. Kerry has made clear that his first choice was a Republican who still stands at Mr. Bush's side, Senator John McCain.


Democratic officials said they were prepared for Mr. Bush to run a commercial featuring Mr. McCain alongside the president, perhaps even on the day Mr. Kerry announced his running mate. Mr. Bush's aides declined to address directly whether they would run advertising using the images. But they said they would work to highlight the fact that the person Mr. Kerry seemed most interested in having run with him would instead be campaigning for Mr. Bush.

"The most important decision Kerry will make as a candidate is who his V.P. will be," Mr. Dowd, the strategist, said. "This is the biggest insight into who he is. One thing we know is that whoever they pick, it's their second choice."
Very smart folks, those Bush puppetmasters. They will use every tiny advantage to its full extent. That's why it's so important for Kerry to NOT DO STUPID STUFF like flirt with McCain.

And we're going to see very soon just how smart Kerry is. He's going to announce his running mate tomorrow morning. Who will it be? Will he be smart enough to pick Edwards? Dumb enough to pick Gephardt? Somewhere in between? Stay tuned...


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