Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bob Novak is a hypocrite, and nuts

Bob Novak, the journalist who, with the help of Bushco, blew the cover of an undercover CIA operative when her husband discredited evidence given by the government to justify the Iraq war, after having been supplied the identity by top administration officials, is now upset that the CIA is leaking

Conditions in Iraq appear to be deteriorating so badly that CIA officials are now leaking to reporters left and right, signaling a new dynamic in press coverage of the war. Columnist Robert Novak noted this on Monday in a column titled, "Is CIA at War With Bush?"


Not only does he criticize CIA agents for leaking information when he himself leaked the identity of a CIA agent, but he apparently may have blown the cover of another CIA agent in the process of doing so.

On Monday, columnist Novak criticized the CIA and Paul Pillar, a national intelligence officer. Novak said comments Pillar made about Iraq during a private dinner in California showed that he and others at the CIA are at war with the president. Pillar had not spoken for the record, but Novak published his remarks and name anyway., noting that he is "no covert operative."


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