Thursday, October 21, 2004

Despite the fact that George W. Bush had over one month more to raise money...

...than Kerry and thus merely had to make his $75,000,000 last a fraction of the time John Kerry did,

John Kerry's got more dough for the strech run!

We're gonna take these guys out

Kerry holds slight edge in cash for final sprint
October 22, 2004

Sen. John Kerry started the final two weeks of the campaign with a slight cash edge over President Bush, pre-election campaign finance reports they filed Thursday showed.

Each had less than a third of his $75 million budget left as of mid-month -- Kerry just over $24 million and Bush $22 million. Both spent around $14 million in the first two weeks of October.

True, Kerry doesn't have a whopping advantage right now, but that he has any money left at all-let alone more than Bush, after enduring the most savage attacks in the history of American politics, that's quite comforting. If W. thought JFK was broke and on the verge of collapse, he was wrong.


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