Monday, April 05, 2004

Alright, well, it's been a long time since this website got started, and a lot has changed in the last several years (and months). When this website started, Bill Clinton was President, and I was supporting Al Gore as his successor. Our country was experiencing its longest economic expansion ever. It had the largest surplus ever. It was at peace. I was a restless 21 year-old college student studying international affairs, and I wanted to make a difference.

Fast forward four years later. George W. Bush succesfully stole the 2000 election. The Peace and Prosperity abruptly came to an end. From the day he assumed office, George W. Bush was obsessed with Iraq, so much so that he ignored threats such as that posed by the terrorist group Al Qaeda. When Al Qaeda finally struck, Bush made a half-hearted effort to find Bin Laden, then used September 11 as a pretext to invade Iraq. Now we are stuck in a war the end result of which is it difficult to forsee as positive. Oh yeah, and the economy sucks (one good month doesn't make up for three and a half miserable years), record surpluses have been replaced with record deficit, and thanks to Bush's "reform," Medicare has 15 years of solvency left. Me, I'm now a law student, and I'm angry. I've been angry since the 2000 campaign, when I watched the media give W. so many passes, and as the transgressions have multiplied, I have become angrier and angrier.

I said that I started this website because I wanted to make a difference. Well, I think, in a small way, at least I hope, that I have. We sold several thousand "Re-elect Gore Lieberman 2004 Bumperstickers." We have had hundreds of thousands of visitors. Together, GoBackToTexas, together with many other anti-Bush, prodemocracy websites, the campaign of Howard Dean, and millions of disconcerted Americans have galvanized a movement, which, finally, in the last several months, has shifted the public discourse away from the right-wing blather which dominated it before.

I have felt deep inside that I needed a way to vent my feelings about this for the last several years, and I think the blog is the way to go. In a way I feel really positive now, I think taking our country back is within the realm of the possible, but it's going to take work. And when we get it back, I hope there is still the time and resolve to make the necessary changes. I'd be interested to know what any of you think about anything I've said in this posting.