Wednesday, November 17, 2004

In one country, members of an opposing political party feign disgust when a multi-million dollar, complexly orchestrated politically motivated prosecution reveals that the United States President lied about sex, he is impeached. In that same country, when a President with a congress dominated by his own party lies about reasons for going to war, and key evidence about national security, he is dogmatically defended by members of his own party and re-elected.

But in another, a leader is brought to account, for the first time in nearly two centuries, for supporting a war based on false pretenses.

Blair impeachment campaign starts

Experts say Mr Blair is not in real danger of impeachment
A campaign to use age-old powers to impeach Tony Blair for misleading the public over the Iraq war is being launched by a group of MPs on Thursday.
The power, last used in 1806, could in theory see Mr Blair charged with improper conduct in office but in practice has little chance of success.

Whether or not the impeachment succeeds, the clear sign is that Tony Blair, who led his nation into an unnecessary war, is nearing the end of his political career. May the rest of Europe take note.