Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dude, Check Out My Social Security Plan

To make his case, Mr. Bush held two town-hall-style meetings with younger and older workers, events that recalled some of the most carefully orchestrated, and successful, moments of his re-election campaign last year. There were teachers, preachers, recent retirees and a widow, all embracing elements of his message.

But when he got to the details of his plan, he warned his audience that he had been a history major, and a middling student.

So when the president, in Raleigh, introduced Andrew G. Biggs, the associate commissioner for retirement policy at the Social Security Administration, and asked him to frame the issues, he added, "Andrew has a Ph.D., and I got a C." Then, smiling, Mr. Bush said, "And look who's working for who."'re like, working for the corporations and stuff?


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