Friday, February 11, 2005

In Marriage Hatin' Gay Lovin' Pot Smokin' Iraqi Freedom Hatin' French...(you get the picture)...Canada, Abortion Rate Continues to Decline

Abortion rate continues to fall, Statscan says

Friday, February 11, 2005 Updated at 1:22 PM EST

Canadian Press

Toronto — The number of women seeking abortions across Canada appears to be continuing a downward trend, although in some provinces rates remain the same or are slightly on the rise, figures from Statistics Canada suggest.

Meanwhile, in America, where we value life, the abortion rate is going up.

Although in the U.S., the Federal government mysteriously stopped reporting comprehensive data after 2000, which was the last year of a long term decline...

Under Bush, the decade-long trend of declining abortion rates appears to have reversed. Given the trends of the 1990s, 52,000 more abortions occurred in the United States in 2002 than would have been expected...

I don't know why, but no one seems to have noticed this. In 1993, both the US and Canada elected center-left governments after years of right-wing rule, then at almost exactly the same time, they balanced their budgets, and had record surpluses and economic growth.

They also both experienced declining abortion rates. Then a strange thing happened. Both countries had an election in November of 2000. In both countries, the center-left parties said if you go back to the right, you are going to go back to the days of economic stagnation and deficits.

Gore, in St. Louis, says Bush would put U.S. back in record red ink
August 14, 2000
Web posted at: 8:43 p.m. EDT (0043 GMT)

[...]Gore said his Republican opponents would lead the country back to the policies of the 1980s, adding, "What they caused last time were record deficits, repeat recessions, high unemployment."

In one of those countries....people didn't buy it.

Since then, Canada has continued to have record surpluses, just like the US....

President Clinton announces another record budget surplus
From CNN White House Correspondent Kelly Wallace

September 27, 2000
Web posted at: 4:51 p.m. EDT (2051 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Clinton announced Wednesday that the federal budget surplus for fiscal year 2000 amounted to at least $230 billion, making it the largest in U.S. history and topping last year's record surplus of $122.7 billion.

"Eight years ago, our future was at risk," Clinton said Wednesday morning. "Economic growth was low, unemployment was high, interest rates were high, the federal debt had quadrupled in the previous 12 years. When Vice President Gore and I took office, the budget deficit was $290 billion, and it was projected this year the budget deficit would be $455 billion."

OOPS, wrong quote....

Budget office projects U.S. deficit to hit $477 billion

Budget numbers likely part of election battle

Monday, January 26, 2004 Posted: 1:22 PM EST (1822 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal deficit will hit a record $477 billion this year and get worse if lawmakers cut taxes or increase spending, the Congressional Budget Office projected Monday in a report sure to become ammunition in the election-year fight over red ink.

Man that old Al Gore....he was willing to say anything to get elected.


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