Sunday, February 13, 2005

You're the President of Serbia....

And let's say that there was a war a few years back during which the biggest divisions between Serbia and and what used to be an autonomous province of Serbia, Kosovo, were divided along ethnic/religious lines.

And now, that province, where the population is over 90 percent Albanian, and somewhere around 2 percent Serbian, after having been governed by the U.N. for several years, is working towards statehood.

Now let's suppose you make a trip to Kosovo. That's a good step...but this sure ain't:

Serb leader unyielding on Kosovo

Mr Tadic is the first Serbian leader to visit Kosovo in years
Serb President Boris Tadic has declared he would never accept an independent Kosovo, during a visit to the province.
He told Serbs at a rally in Strpce, 25 miles south of Pristina, he would do all in his power to prevent secession


"I am against the independence of Kosovo and for me, it is unacceptable," Mr Tadic told some 2,000 Serbs gathered to greet him."

[At a later rally with 2000 Albanians, he said that he had just been "jokin' around" about that comment].

[Actually, there was no such later rally].

He added:

"I don't have a magic wand to fix all the problems," Mr Tadic told a crowd of hundreds in the village of Silovo.

A magic wand? You don't need a magic wand. How about starting off by talking to the 98 percent of Kosovars that are not Serbian? Even if you are only concerned about the 2% minority Serbs, don't you think a dialogue with the Albanians would be a starting point for ensuring their welfare? Because that 98% majority is going to have a great deal of influence over what happens to the 2% minority. That would be a much more effective strategy than a search for a magic wand.


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