Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ba da da da da da, feeling groovy

The Bush team insists that they have not lost the momentum on Social Security since Bush's State of the Union.

Noting that it had been only a month since the State of the Union speech, Nicolle Devenish, the White House communications director, said: "If you look at what the president has been able to do in terms of elevating the issue, explaining a program riddled with terms like 'bend points' that are hard for busy families to wrap their brains around, the intensity with which we have engaged in the public campaign and the legislative process, we feel good about where we are..."

Wow, that's funny, cause I feel good about where they are, too!

President Bush has lost ground in the public relations battle over Social Security since he kicked off a concentrated campaign two months ago to convince Americans the national retirement program needs an immediate overhaul, according to a recent poll.

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Friday to Sunday said 38 percent of Americans feel major changes must be made in Social Security within the next two years. In January, that number was 49 percent.

That's not momentum, that's Joementum!


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