Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rehnquist Era Comes to a Bitter End

Rehnquist stubbornly rejected the progessive sea change that ended formal segregation (when, as a young Law Clerk in the 50s, he persuasively argued to Justice Brown that he cast a dissenting vote in Brown v. Board of Education , and he stubbornly rejected giving up his seat on the Supreme Court until his life was claimed by cancer.

I don't wish for anyone to die, but I can't find much sympathy for a man who entirely lacked so much empathy and sympathy for so many others, until the bitter end.

It is interesting that John G. Roberts also was a clerk for justice Rehnquist.

Was Rehnquist's minority interpretation of the Commerce Clause of the constitution in favor of finding the Federal Government was powerless to prosecute medical marijuana cultivation (when he had often in the past brushed aside his supposedly conservative view when the government wished to expand its authority in the "war on drugs")influenced by his certainly painful battle with cancer?

May Justice Rehnquist, and his judicial philosophy, both rest in peace.


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