Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bushies gone unstuck!

It's surprisingly comical.

Last week, there were signs that the White House's usual clinical competence at staging events was coming unstuck. In one omission, broadcasters were able to watch live footage of military officials prepping soldiers in Iraq for a satellite question and answer session with Mr Bush.

Their whole sophisticated propaganda apparatus is crashing now that Karl Rove is no longer at its helm.

I don't know why the elite White House press corps didn't laugh, because I certainly find Scott McClellan to be quite entertaining.

In an awkward moment on Friday, Scott McClellan, White House spokesman, was asked whether the administration was distracted by the CIA investigation. He attempted a joke, pretending to ignore the question. No one laughed. He tried again, his eyes swivelling away from the podium. “I'm sorry, I'm a little distracted up here,” he said. Again, no one laughed.

Ha ha!
How could it be Scotty? Is the media elite a bunch of sour blokes or what?

And what is the procedure for nominating him for the Society of Professional Journalism's First Amendment Award? I mean, he kind of works in journalism, doesn't he?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bush screwed up texas then america... the world... the planet... ignoring overwhelming public opinion... democracy in crises... going against 80-90% of the rest of the world... going against 60% USA... wow ... this truly is democracy in crises...

6:21 PM  

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