Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bush Announces Supreme Court Pick
From AP

October 31, 2005

The White House, reeling from several weeks of bad news, today sought to put their best foot forward at an unconventional 12 a.m.  news conference announcing the appointment of Count. V. Dracula to the Supreme Court

"I am proud to nominate Count Vladmir Dracula as my next nominee to the Supreme Court.  Count Dracula will be the first nationalized American Citizen to sit on the Supreme Court,which reflects well of the diversity that we as a nation embrace.  

"I undestand that some of you may question my choice in the Count, but I am the President, and I must make bold decisions.  I know that dracula has a good heart, and that he will make a good Supreme court candidate," said president Bush in announcing the choice.

Dracula, thanking the President, said: "I am very grateful to Bush and to bloood!!!"

He then grabbed NBC's White House correspondent David Gregory and appeared to suck blood out of his neck for several minutes while Gregory asked questions and took down notes on his notepad.

Though Bush and Dracula have long been acquaintances, the relationship blossomed over the last several years when the Count apparently shared several "secret non-disclosed locations" with Vice President Dick Cheney.